Professional ethics

Professional ethics

The core of my working method is comprised of respect, care, dedication and empathy, with a focus on appreciation and trust in people and their capabilities.


I very much hold the dignity and value of all people in high regard in my work. I protect their basic rights and respect their right to autonomy and self-determination. All sessions are subject to the obligation of professional secrecy, thereby guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy.


As a psychotherapist, I am aware of my professional responsibility and avoid inflicting damage; I am responsible for my actions. Religious evangelising and sexual relationships are strictly prohibited.


I am committed to continuing education so as to always maintain the highest possible standard of knowledge in my field. I only employ processes, methods and techniques in which I am qualified based on my education, training or continuing education, or thanks to my experience.


In my function as a psychotherapist, I always strive for an ethical personal attitude. I conduct myself in a respectful, fair, credible and empathetic manner.